Using Resistance Bands for Arm Strength&Health

Using resistance bands has become a common practice throughout the sport of baseball for pre-throw, post throw, and arm strengthening routines. It is most often thought to be a safe practice and offers an avenue of development for all ages and levels. With this being said there are still some things to keep in mind.

Just like when working out there are both higher and lower level resistance. The resistance can be better controlled with the band and it increases and decreases with tension applied. Also when speaking of the shoulder it is a very complex joint encompassing several different types of tissue. Each of these structures within the shoulder need to be addressed on an individual basis.

There are several different motions that can be executed but one of the best rules of thumbs is when looking to develop acute areas of the shoulder using a lower resistance would be recommended. If looking to develop larger muscle groups the band resistance can be increased. Please refer to the YouTube video on my page for a basis on which to begin.

If you need to purchase a set of bands they can be found at the link below :

Robbie C.

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