RAPSODO and Velocity for Youth

This is a great topic and one that needs to be talked about. Undoubtedly velocity is one of the most sought after and touted abilities on the market. There have been many breakthroughs over the past decade in understanding on how to develop this attribute. Whether it is strength training, nutrition, throwing programs, or weighted balls the game has been revolutionized.

Something Interesting

I hear from parents in regard to younger players ages 11, 12, 13, and so on about their velocity and RAPSODO number readings. This is intriguing to me because the readings have no real relevance other than where they are at this exact moment in time. There are so many variables in their development, you can not predict where a player will end up because he throws so and so on a RAPSODO at age 12.

My Advice

Focus on mastering the process. Come up with a sound regiment and routine that can maximize your growth and development. Mastering this facet and sticking with it over the long run will create optimal readings once a player reaches an age where RAPSODO and velocity becomes relevant.

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