Pros and Cons of Weighted Balls

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Over the past decades we have seen some of the most profound leaps and bounds in the development of arm health and velocity. Much of this can be based back to a company called DriveLine. At the base of it all seems a pretty simple concept. Throw heavier balls and develop as if lifting weights in a way, right? This is a very basic way of putting it and can be interpreted as such. But in this blog I hope to dig a little deeper into what actually occurs when utilizing the weighted balls, along with some of the pros and cons.

When using weighted balls one of the greatest benefits is the development of muscle memory. By virtue of the weight of the balls, the body is able to find a path that is most efficient and optimal. Along with it being more efficient, the repetition develops consistency. Between these two components alone create a much lower chance of injury and greater possibility of maximization. Of course, the durability of the balls has also allowed the feature of getting work in anywhere you go!

Utilizing the weighted balls is something that must be treated with respect. Doing the proper research and always error on the side of precaution are some good rules to go by. The weight of the ball can create more stress on small ligaments in the arm if not executed correctly, leaving them vulnerable. Also age and physical development are things to consider. Baseball is a sport that should be pursued for the long game, who cares what your velocity is when a player is 12. Be mindful of their development and utilize these tools to create more efficient and consistent arm path.

Robbie C.

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