Paralysis by Analysis in Baseball Performance

At some point in any baseball player's career there comes a time when we experience over thinking while attempting to perform. This may come during a time of making an adjustment, things are not going well, or we just are distracted that given day. This article will address what is actually occurring and how to combat this.

There are two parts of our brain that are always in an eb and flow the rational and instinctual. The frontal cortex of the brain is meant to think things through rationally. The issue with this is that when in competition it adds an additional step in the action of execution. So what does slower mean? You lose. But how can you execute and idea or action without thinking about it?

The key lies in positive repetition. Meaning when in practice the situation is made so repetitive, familiar, and consistent that once in competition a player can trust and rely on instinct. Also there are common practices in sports psychology such as the using the breath and surroundings to "Clear the Mechanism" .


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