My Journey; Eyes On 2021 Debut

With everything that has gone on it has been a difficult year for all of minor league ball players. This year myself, I am sure others as well, were hoping to break out and finally make that big league debut. With everything that has gone on, there are a lot of questions looming. Will there be baseball next year? What opportunities will be available? How will MLB and other professional organizations survive this storm.

As you may know the 2018 and 2019 season I played for a team in the American Association called the Gary RailCats. This was an amazing experience and was very close to my home town. After spending the previous several years on the road, it was very nice to be able to play in my home town. To put this level in perspective, I have played in two NCAA Division 1 Regional Tournaments(Florida,Miami) and played in the minor league system for the Pirates (2016, 2017). The level of play in the American was far beyond what I had previously experienced. Major League scouts respect this league as a Double A level.

Unfortunately the RailCats did not have a season this year. I have opted out of playing in smaller leagues that are going on across the country. With that being said my goal has not changed. I am certain of where I belong, but execution is the key. That is why I will be documenting my training 2020-2021.

My youtube channel Robbie Coursel Baseball will be filled with daily uploads of what I am doing to prepare myself to better than ever. This downtime and uncertainty will open many opportunities for those who are diligent in their process. If I had any words of advice, it would be to keep your eye on the ball. Please if you have any questions reach me via email I will be glad to help. Also there are some new products, programs, and classes coming to the site so stay tuned!


Robbie C.

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