How to Earn a Scholarship 2021

With the world of college baseball and the number of rounds in the draft changed, so has the approach on how to earn an opportunity. The market may be more competitive than ever. However, any excuse not to achieve your goal would be a lie.

Making the dream of becoming a college athlete can be achieved through persistence, discipline, and resourcefulness. Forming relationships with potential Universities is essential. The program is bigger than any one player. With that being said, collegiate programs focus on recruiting players that make an impact in all areas. Academics, character, and ability all play significant roles in building rapport. Most of all take action.

  1. Research Schools

  2. Finding a school that fits your academic needs is essential. The my that academics need to be easy to focus on baseball is far from the truth. Learning to excel in the classroom will translate to success on the field. Success is a habit, not an act.

  3. When choosing a University, it is always good to consider multiple options. This will allow for a compare and contrast setting to set yourself up with an ideal situation.

  4. Acquire Recommendations

  5. Speak with your past coaches, employers, teachers, and other noteworthy relationships. Ask if they would be willing to write up a letter of recommendation. Remember, performing is one thing. Universities care about your character as much or more than your ability to play.

  6. Contact the Coaching Staff

  7. After you have selected a few Universities the next step is to reach out. With the web this has become much easier. From looking up the phone number, email, or adding the coaches on LinkedIn. Resourcefulness can begin the connection that will open doors.

  8. Building a rapport may take time. Reach out early and often. Share your progress, your intentions, and your aspirations.

  9. Visit the University

  10. Finally, your hard work has paid off! After researching, working at your craft, and building relationships the time has come. Visiting the University can be a great experience. It would be recommended to bring a parent or close relative along to give a second perspective to the opportunity each University will provide.

  11. Commit

  12. The first step in this is typically verbally committing. Once the offer is on the table, you have the right to think about it. Especially when weighing options. Universities will sometimes pressure you to make a decision. Remember you have time to do what is best for you.

  13. Sign. The final step to this process is the paperwork being signed by both the player and representatives from the University. Congratulations, you've done it!

Going through this process first hand is the only true way to understand. Utilizing those closest to you can be the best way to get good information. Those recruiting you have something to gain by you committing. Although there may be pressure, remember you have time. If you have any questions please feel free to reach me anytime at .

Robbie C.

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