Flow State

Throughout any athletes career there comes a time when you must transition from preparation and practice to competition. In the game of baseball this is a task that many athletes can not quite connect. This remains to be the multi million dollar question. Why do things change once in the game?

Players with unbelievable tools and talent can not seem to express themselves in the same way once they enter the battlefield, excuse me, ball field. There is something about those white lines that can make the greatest athlete and arm just crumble when its time to perform. Meanwhile, an athlete with average ability can seem to thrive through sheer will! It is one of the most profound and unique facets with the game of baseball. There is something missing and that is fortitude.

Perhaps fortitude is not the correct word, interference may be the better word. The mind can no longer accomplish the task at hand, there is something blocking that expression of ability. distractions of the umpire, confinement of balls and strikes, fans, etc... The list goes on. The mind can only focus on a 1 thing at any given moment. Therefore all these thoughts and emotions are not occurring at once, but individually at a rapid pace.

Bring the mind back. Bring your mind back to the reason you are on the mound. Focus on the breath, Long deep inhale and exhale. Feel the sensation hurling the ball like you have countless times with the feeling of joy. Let go of any expectation or outcome. Focus on the pleasure of and display the human body can express in hurling the ball in a lambasting yet graceful manner directly toward your target. Breathe. And Go .

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