Becoming a Champion

It has been said before that excellence is a habit and not just an act. If this is true, it reinforces one of the greatest things about the game of baseball. Learning to excel in a given craft, skill, or passion can develop that habit. Some may call it the habit of being a champion.

The game of baseball and sport is so deeply embedded into our youth development it is hard not to ask why. How many actual job opportunities are there for being a pitcher, shortstop, etc. This is something that may discourage some individuals from spending so much time with the game.

Learning to develop the habits of a champion takes focus and effort, that is it. These things are totally controllable and fortunately are taught in the game. This is how baseball has become a sport where so many trust their young athletes to develop. Fortunately with so many colleges today offering a baseball program, there are options for young players to continue their dreams even after high school.

Time goes by in the blink of an eye. These young men and women develop a passion for their sport. When developing having a driving force and a commitment to a team can detour individuals of all ages from detouring or making poor decisions. Before they know it , player have finished college and are ready to take on the world. With habits, skills, and attitudes developed through sport it is sure they will be a champion at whatever they decide to do.

Robbie C.

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