Meet Robbie

Major League Baseball Draft Selection


My name is Robert Coursel and I am actively pursuing my career as a professional baseball player. While performing at the High School, NJCAA, NCAA, MLB Affiliate, and AA Independent levels I have garnered the knowledge, skills and attitudes as to what it takes to reach and excel at the highest levels of baseball. This page is available as a resource and tool for upcoming players to understand and incorporate the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes involved with achieving their baseball goals. Whether its to improve overall performance, reach the collegiate level, reach the professional level, or even just improve their overall fitness, this site is a one stop shop. 

     Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions regarding the improvement of your performance or the achievement of your goals. Whether you are a high school player transitioning into college, a JUCO transitioning into a Four-Year, or Amateur transitioning to Professional. I have been through each of these ranks, faced adversity at each level, and have been able to overcome these obstacles to pursue my ultimate dream. My goal and hope for this page is to help curb the amount of challenges upcoming players will face, and also offer first hand advice of how to achieve your goals.

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